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Theme 2017: The CM2 Fast-Track Change Process in Practice

IPE/CM2 promotes an efficient change process with so called "Fast-Track" or "Agile Track" capabilities. Simple and low risk changes will be implemented using this track with full updates of documentation. In our CM2 trainings the theory of fast-track changes is communicated to students.

  • How will Fast-Track work in real practice?
  • Hod to identify simple changes with low risk?
  • Which product lifecycle phases will use fast-track most?
  • How to use it in regulated environments like aerospace?

The IPE/CM2 Application Workshop at Philips in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) is the perfect platform for networking and will deliver answers to the questions above.


Location and Host

The Event in 2017 was hold at Philips Lighting in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

For over 120 years, Philips Lighting has been at the forefront of innovation. They use the transformative power of light to make people more comfortable and productive– providing high-quality light in public places, professional spaces, and at home.

Philips is taking lighting beyond illumination with connected lighting innovations for the home, retail environments, offices, cities, and more. Philips pioneered the development of high-quality, energy-efficient LED lighting. They are now taking lighting into a fully digital world that connects people, places, and devices.

Info and Purpose

Due to requests from our customers we will organize IPE/CM2 Application Workshops in Europe instead of IPE/CM2 Symposiums. In 2017 we had one Workshop in Germany in the German language and another one in The Netherlands in the English language.

The Application Workshop in the English language was at Philips Lighting in Eindhoven on Nov 17, 2017.

Purpose of the workshop is sharing experience and networking:

  • How to apply IPE/CM2 principles
  • How to implement IPE/CM2 in organizations
  • How to define the Business Case for IPE/CM2
  • How to automate processes with appropriate software tools
  • How to get management support
  • and much more topics on how to reduce corrective action.

Attending the IPE/CM2 Application Workshop is beneficial for existing CM2 grads and those interested in getting CM2 certified.



Thursday Nov 16, 2017:

  • Getting there
  • from 18:00 Get Together with Dinner and Networking

Friday Nov 17, 2017:

08:30 - 09:10 Welcome and CM2 Basics presentation on theme "Fast-Track" - Ray Wozny and Guido Weischedel, Institute for Process Excellence
09:10 - 09:20 Welcome by host - Geert Depovere, Head of I2M Excellence, Philips Lighting
09:20 - 10:00 Practical implementation of the CM2 Closed Loop Change Process at Thales Cryogenics - Jeroen Mullié, Thales Cryogenics
10:00 - 10:15 Coffee break and networking
10:15 - 11:00

Philips Lighting presentations:
- CM2/PLM program introduction, Bas vd Berg
- Lighting Change process introduction, Arjen Tissink
- Challenge of crossing (bunny hopping) changes, Peter Geurts

11:00 - 12:30 Visit and tour of Philips Lighting Application Center
12:30 - 14:00 Lunch break and networking
14:00 - 15:30 Workshop on theme "Fast-Track"
15:30 - 16:00 Coffee break and networking
16:00 - 16:30 Summary of workshop results
16:30 End


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