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White Papers

White Paper vorwiegend in englischer Sprache

White Papers on CMII/IPE in the English language.


CMII 100 Standard
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CMII Standard for Enterprise-Wide Configuration Management and Integrated Process Excellence.

This standard can be used as a mandatory contractual requirement to suppliers and/or partners.

CM versus CMII
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Traditional CM versus CMII

This white paper describes configuration management (CM) as traditionally practiced and how to calculate its value in monetary terms relative to how well the specified CM tasks are being performed — which has never been done. This white paper also calculates the value of a reengineered version of CM called CMII, which is designed to achieve integrated process excellence (IPE). This paper compares the monetary values of both approaches.

How does the effectiveness of your CM process correlate with your organization's overall financial performance? Interest in this question is piqued when CM is lifted out of engineering and given an enterprise-wide perspective. The scope of CM must encompass all documentation, not just design definition — which is less than one/fifth of the total. As CM process effectiveness improves, the output of each individual throughout the entire enterprise increases. Twenty criteria from the CMII model, with a value of 0 to 5 points each, are used to measure CM process effectiveness. Cost surveys are used to correlate CM process effectiveness with overall financial performance.

This white paper is for those striving to use the CMII/IPE model to achieve enterprise-wide configuration management (eCM) and integrated process excellence (IPE). Individuals who complete the CMII training cannot be expected to return to their job and suddenly change how things are done. It requires up-front planning and a dedicated team effort. It includes defining the destination, assessing existing practices relative the destination, and developing a transition plan. It includes training as needed to support the plan. The challenge is in how to get started — which is the purpose of this white paper.

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