This hands-on course focuses on shifting the paradigms that are most important and also the most challenging to those implementing CM2. Course participants will perform a variety of roles and, by the end of the third day, they will have performed all facets of the CM2 process.

As upper management, they will review an enterprise baseline and validate its content, format, naming and numbering conventions.

As core business process owners, they will create enterprise operating standards and procedures and populate the enterprise baseline.

As cross-functional development team members, they will develop a product, create its design basis, hierarchy, and populate its baseline.

As Change Review Board (CRB) members, they will make changes to the enterprise baseline and the product baselines. In support of supply chain specialists, they will ensure that change effectivities remain synchronized with build schedules.

As process specialists, they will transform complex work flows into closed-loop phases with each managed by a process specialist.

As part of 3-member creator/user teams, they will manage and execute individual administrative work flows and product work flows.

Schedule Courses 07 ... 09:

CM2 Professional Courses EN


CM2-09 EN

16.09.2024 9:00 - 19.09.2024 15:00
Virtual Training - 4 days 5 hours each

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