Under the title "CM2-10: CM2 Awareness and Overview - Autonomous and Adaptive Interoperability" we offer information seminars on configuration management and CM2 with a duration of 2 to 4 hours. 

The seminars are aimed at all people (from all areas of the company) who would like to get an insight into the topic of configuration management and the CM2 standard. The seminar is also suitable for executives such as core process owners who want to learn more about configuration management and CM2.

In the seminars we also convey the necessary awareness for CM and a first insight into the CM2 standard. The seminars are currently only offered on-site. Please contact us about this.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Who will need CM (unnecessary increase in costs due to rework/double work)
  • What CM is and what CM2 is (Why good requirements are very important)
  • How CM2 works
    - How to optimally structure requirements and other documents
    - Identification, filing and linking of documents
    - Validation and approval of documents
    - The CM2 change process
  • CM2 benefits
  • How to learn more about CM2
  • Why CM(2) affects the whole company

Call us for a quote to organize a Course CM2-10 in your organization.

Our last public session was recorded - if you are interesetd in the recording please email us your request at: info(at)ipxeu.com

Schedule CM2-10 (virtual):

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