This course is for all CM2 Graduates (CM2 Comprehensive and CM2 Professional) who wish to refresh their CM2 knowledge and update their CM2 courseware.

Even if the CM2 principles have basically remained the same - the course material has been continuously improved over the years and adapted to current trends and terminology.

Course participants will learn why an efficient CM(2) platform is the basis for a successful and sustainable business transformation and how every organization establishes and automates this platform with a view to digital transformation. Terms such as Dugutal Thread and Digital Twin are no longer foreign words in the current course material and are also discussed in this refresher course.

The Digital Thread refers to the processes and tools used for communicating data through a connected flow of an asset’s datasets throughout a product‘s lifecycle including: Concept, Design, Production, Service and Decommissioning, utilizing a complete digital data structure and a closed-loop change process. The CM2 Model further expands on this definition to ensure that we consistently provide “the right information, to the right individuals, in the right place, at the right time,” so that proper decisions can be made.

The Digital Twin is the data and intelligence that represent the structure and interrelated conditions of a physical item of any type at any point in its lifecycle. Its purpose is to understand the previous and current complete datasets that provide the information to understand past and present operations and make predictions about the future state of an item. These are very powerful digital datasets that can be used to optimize the physical item, significantly improving operational performance and enterprise business processes.
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03.06.2024 9:00 - 06.06.2024 15:00
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Update and Refresher for CM2 Graduates